Throughout my final year of high school I constantly fantasied about taking a gap year.
Yes, a gap year.

Every time I inform someone that I will be taking a gap year they respond with, “oh, a gap year…” in a condescending tone.

A large portion of the middle aged society view gap years as a ‘bludge’ year. I mean even Urban Dictionary describes it as “The name given to the year or often a longer period of time that posh kids spend traveling the world using daddies money after leaving their expensive private school.”

However, when I respond with “Yes, I am very excited. I have deferred studying architecture for the year whilst I au pair in England,” usually with a smug look on my face, the distaste in their voice vanishes.

Ultimately the goals for my gap year are to live in another country for 365 days in order to gain an understanding of their culture; visit the many art galleries and architectural structures around the world which I have studied for the past three years; and to connect with my family and our history in the United Kingdom.

I am a very hard working, ambitious person so it has come as a surprise to many that I have chosen to defer my studies to basically ‘nanny’. In terms of achieving my goals, in a cost effective manner, becoming an au pair in the U.K. is ideal.

Although I am only departing Australia in the next few days, I have already stumbled over a ton of hurdles throughout the planning process. This gave me the inspiration to start this blog.

I will be posting about my experiences abroad, both positive and mediocre. The specific content will incorporate anecdotes and advice from my life as an au pair, experiences of travel and analysis of an array of art and architecture.

I look forward to sharing the next 365 days with you.

Love J

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