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Long Flight Essentials

There is a certain excitement which comes with planning and preparing for trips, no matter whether they are overseas or simply to the beach. Fantasising about where you will eat, the outfits you will wear and the sights you will see.

As usual I have gotten caught up romanticising every aspect but have forgotten to acknowledge that my flight (ADL / MEL / DXB / LHR) takes OVER 24 HOURS!

In order to survive the 24 hours of travelling, here are the essentials I will be packing in my carry on luggage:



  1. MOISTURISER (Shea Body Butter, The Body Shop)

    As the pressurised air in the plane cabin is recycled it lacks moisture. This means the air is extremely dry, which can harm your skin. It is important to moisturise your hands, and especially your face to remain feeling fresh and hydrated.


    The last trip I took I made a huge mistake. I assumed since I was travelling to Bali, which was forecast to be 35 degrees Celsius on arrival, I should wear sandals. Never again. Plane cabins become quite cold during flight due to the high altitudes they travel at. It doesn’t matter what climate you are travelling to, WEAR SOCKS! 

  3. EYE MASK (Peter Alexander)

    Personally, I struggle to sleep in anything that is not a bed. But the darkness the eye masks provide helps me have the best possible sleep I can whilst flying, as it eliminates the distraction of my surroundings.

  4. CHEWING GUM (Wrigley’s Extra Active Spearmint)

    Having gum is very handy on a long flight as it has numerous benefits/purposes. Chewing mint flavoured gum can help with travel sickness, adjusting to different altitudes and is great for after meals to cleanse your palette. 

  5. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS/ PASSPORT (Travel Wallet, Kikki K)

    This is a bit of an obvious one but important none the less. I recently purchased a travel wallet from Kikki K. It comes in a number of cute designs and provides a compact space to keep passports, boarding passes, tickets, currency and any other essential travel related items.

  6. FACE WIPES (Swisspers Facial Wipes Cucumber)

    Travelling for numerous hours on end can leave you feeling a bit unhygienic. By using travel wipes you can freshen up, rejuvenate and moisturise your skin. Depending on your climate, they are also a great way to cool down and destress.

  7. TRAVEL PILLOW (Cotton On)

    When I forget to pack my travel pillow I get very anxious. I am so worried I will fall asleep on the persons shoulder next to me, that I end up not sleeping at all! Having a travel pillow causes less strain on your neck, helping you have a better sleep.

I would love to hear your carry on essentials for long haul flights! Leave a comment below.

Love J

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