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The Transition into an Au Pair

Almost a week has passed since I moved half way across the world in the hope to grasp an understanding of life in another country.

The period leading up to my departure from home was filled with anticipation and excitement. I was so caught up in all the fabulous things I would be doing that I forgot to bring myself back down to earth and think about the challenges I would face.

No matter what the reason you decide to become an au pair, it will always be something that takes a certain degree of adjustment.

My first night of sleeping in a new bed, in a new home, in a new village, in a new country, was a restless one. So many questions and doubts were racing through my head… What am I doing here? Am I cut out for this? What if the family doesn’t like me? I kept tossing and turning and ended up in an anxious mess.

Although I had previously read that it is natural to be uneasy or uncertain about transitioning into a new environment, I didn’t realised how greatly I would be affected. I guess trying to find your place in family which is not your own is not the easiest task.

As the week progressed I began to find my place. I began to explore the local community. I began to cook meals for the family. I began to develop new relationships. I began to form my own routines. I began to feel like I was valued in the family. I fit in.

I’m the first to admit that my week transitioning into an au pair has not been easy, but it has been rewarding.

I would love to hear the thoughts of any previous, current or soon to be au pairs.

Love J




4 thoughts on “The Transition into an Au Pair

    • I think no matter how many blogs or articles you read your experience will surprise you. It is important to try to remain positive whether it’s a good or bad surprise. I will continue posting to give an insight to my life as an au pair. I wish you the best of luck in Spain xx


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