Day #17: Switzerland

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
These words describe my day perfectly.

A friend I made out in Switzerland had recently become a qualified Anwärter Snowboard Instructor. She kindly offered to take me out on the slopes in the hope to teach me the basics of snowboarding.


As I had never touched a snowboard in my life, I was quite hesitant to begin with. But once arriving at Siviez I felt a great sense of excitement and anticipation – I was about to embark on an experience I never thought possible.

My friend taught me all the basics of weight distribution, edging and navigating. It was great to have her reassurance and encouragement throughout the day.

There were times when I was certain I looked like an absolute fool. However, those thoughts were diminished when I began to ride the board with more confidence. The more confident I became, the more relaxed I became, and in turn the quality of my riding rapidly increased.

Overall I found my experience to be a fantastic one. It taught me that despite hesitations and reservations, it is important to make the most of all opportunities presented to me. Today was the most fun I have had the entire trip and to think I wouldn’t have gone because I was too afraid or nervous seems so absurd to me now.

What are some amazing things you have achieved by getting up the courage to venture out of your comfort zone?

Love J




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