Day #31: London

On the train back to Surrey, after an incredible day in London, I came to the realisation that at some point I will have to leave.

Whilst I have always planned on returning to Australia at the end of my 365 days here, I never thought I would become so attached to a place.

I can not imagine my life without London.

I love it. It is my new home.

After I finished panicking, on the train ride home, I scribbled a list of 8 things onto the back of train tickets that I want to experience in London, and the UK, before my 365 days are up.

  1. Eat at Duck and Waffle after a mental night out.
  2. Have a picnic in Hyde Park during the Summer, Pimms and all.
  3. Gallery hopping.
  4. Find a place which makes decent coffee.
  5. See a West End show.
  6. Shop at Harrods.
  7. Afternoon tea somewhere fancy.
  8. “Snog” a local.

This list is a mixture of things I wish to experience, as well as things I have experienced and would recommend to others. I would love to hear other peoples suggestions on places and things I must experience whilst in the UK.

Love J

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