au pair

Au Pair Wellbeing [Revisited]

There comes a point when everything gets a bit much.

Whilst this post isn’t specifically about travelling it touches on the struggles that have come with au pairing and how I am beginning to overcome them.

A few days ago I was reading through my old blog posts. This one especially resonated with me. I realised that I haven’t been the happiest, or most productive, of late because my motivation towards everything has been lacking.

I haven’t been enjoying au pairing. I haven’t spoken to my family in weeks. I haven’t been getting along with friends. I haven’t blogged in over a month. I haven’t been looking after myself mentally or physically.

Basically, I am undergoing a mini intervention. I am re visiting what originally made me happiest, reassessing my goals and trying to keep a clear mind.

Many people say “routine is deadly” or “routine does not allow us to progress.” However, I have found that by getting back into my routine, as well as setting achievable, short term goals, I have managed to slowly regain my happiness and sense of purpose.

If you gain anything from this post, learn to accept that everyone loses their way at one point or another. This makes it crucial to frequently stop, take a breath, and consider what is important to you.

Love J




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