Day #52: Painshill Park

Nothing like a strolling through a luscious landscape on a gorgeous spring day.

Painshill Park is an 18th century landscape garden, designed by Charles Hamilton. The tranquil landscape is inspired by the Renaissance and contemporary art, which is evident through the gentle water, luscious trees and shrubs, and the vineyard.


Hamilton wanted the landscape to make you feel an array of different emotions. For example, the Crystal Grotto is supposed to make you feel fear and desire. Fear of what the unknown holds and desire to know. I read this as I was leaving the Crystal Grotto and was astounded with the precision of Hamilton’s vision.


Painshill Park is very secluded. I was surprised with how large the park was considering the proximity to Cobham and the M25 There are parts of the park where you feel as if you are in the middle of no where. Unfortunately, due to the location, you lose the sense of tranquility and remoteness, especially from the view of the tower. You climb all the way up an old ruin to merely have views of the M25 and power lines. Not worth it.

Overall I had a marvellous afternoon visiting Painshill Park. The vast landscape incorporates so many different elements, providing a very worthwhile experience. I would definitely recommend Painshill Park to anyone in the Surrey area.

If anyone has a recommendation of some other parks I should visit, let me know in the comments below.

Love J

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