Day #118: Rotterdam

I am not going to lie – one of the greatest things about making foreign friends abroad is being able to travel back to their home towns with them.

Here is my well overdue re cap of my travels to The Netherlands.

I travelled by overnight bus (ugh), to Rotterdam with my friend Claudia. She was kind enough to invite me to stay with her over the bank holiday weekend.

Initially I was unsure of what to expect from Rotterdam as I had not heard much about it – I use being from the other side of the world as a very poor excuse for my lack of knowledge. Anyway, I found myself to be pleasantly surprised by the city.


The overall vibe of the city made me fall in love. I fell in love with the architecture, the food, the water and the nightlife.

I love the contrast within the city. The water gives a relaxed, small city feel, whilst the hustle and bustle of business and tourism still permeates the city.

One of the main reasons I fell in Rotterdam was because of the architecture. Due to the unfortunate circumstances from the war, Rotterdam had to rebuild and recreate itself. This enabled a great movement of modern architecture.


I could ramble on about how much I enjoyed Rotterdam but instead, lucky for you, I will shorten it to three major highlights:

  1. Drinking wine, and eating bitterballen and cheese by a canal
  2. Riding home on the back of a bicycle after a night out
  3. Learning Dutch phrases and slang
Love J

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