Day #119: Antwerp

The beauty about being within Europe, is that so many fantastic cities are only a few hours apart. This makes travelling so much easier!

Antwerp gave me the impression that it was in no way a boastful or flamboyant city, rather an inviting one. Much like Rotterdam, it had a small city feel.

I only spent a day in Antwerp but I came to a conclusion that it is a city for day trips. It was lovely to visit but unless you are living there, I don’t understand the need to spend more than a day or two.


Now this is only my judgement, there are probably fantastic things to do there that I had no idea about. But I will say one thing – the waffles and chocolate are to die for.

When I was at boarding school, there was a restaurant down the road which incorporated chocolate in every meal. No surprise, it quickly became the favourite hang out of my friends and I. I would spend so much of my allowance, and time, there. Words can not describe how amazing the Belgian waffles and chocolate is. Ever since the first time I tasted one of those waffles I knew that I had to visit Belgium at some point in my life, purely for some chocolate and waffles. I am happy to now say that I have and I was not disappointed.


I am pleased I had the chance to visit Antwerp. It was one of the best days of the trip as we spent the day doing things I love; wandering the streets looking at architecture, eating good food, and drinking good wine. However, this is my advice if you are tossing up whether to visit Antwerp or not; If you have the time, do it. If you are doing a quick trip through Europe, there are probably other places which are more tourist friendly in terms of landmarks and things to do.

Love J



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