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Day #157: Corfu

Just like hard work helps you achieve great things; Hard places to get to are great. I’m looking at you Corfu.

After countless ferries, overnight travelling and bus rides, we finally arrived in Corfu. En route to Corfu I was thinking “this place better be bloody worth it” and “I am never travelling again”. Okay, slight exaggeration but I was not in the best mood. However, everything changed once we arrived in Corfu.

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Merely being by the ocean made me so elated since I had been deprived for so long in the UK. Corfu is great. Just like any other seaside towns, it has such a relaxed, carefree vibe.

The markets in Corfu are great. So many winding alleys and streets through traditional architecture which is influenced by Sicilian, the Venetian, the French and the English. The markets have something for everyone. They have local wine and food, cafes, traditional clothing items, souvenirs and even fake designer products – really covers all bases.

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Unless you get out of Corfu you unfortunately don’t come across many beaches. But for what they lack in beaches, they make up for in swimming spots and beach clubs. After spending the morning wandering through the markets we walked along past The Palace of Saints Michail and Antoniou down an alleyway, under a bridge to find ourselves at a lush swimming spot with restaurants, a beach club and great places to tan.

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Don’t get me wrong, Corfu has great food, people and culture, but my absolute favourite thing is the flawless sunset every evening.

Love J

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