Day #158: Corfu

When you venture slightly off the beaten track, that is when you find beauty.

On one of our days in Corfu we decided it would be fun to do a boat trip. Now, what we all had pictured was us lying on the front of some luxurious yacht, sailing to private beaches, getting good Instagrams, etc. Our bubble was burst pretty quickly when we discovered we were actually going on a larger boat with other people on it. However, we got over it pretty quickly.

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The first stop on our boat trip was Anti Paxos. This was definitely what we had all pictured. A secluded cove, white sand, clear water. It reminded me of some of the islands in the South Pacific. Our boat docked for the morning and we spent a couple hours swimming around, exploring the area, jumping off the boat – it was so much fun. And yes, we got our photo opportunities.


Our final destination was Paxos. It was the most quaint, Greek, seaside village that you could ever imagine. There were at least 100 boats wrapping around the side walks of the town. Most of them were small, traditional boats which added to the charm of the village. The street that wrapped around the small marina was full of so many nice eating places, markets, boutiques and jewellery stores. There were no tacky souvenir shops or Starbucks. Everything was authentic.

At the end of this road was a small cove which provided a great place to cool off. If I were to return to Greece, I would be sure to spend more time in this area. It made you feel like you were really experiencing what the Greek Islands are really like.

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Later that evening, our hotel was holding a traditional Greek night. This night was one of my favourites from the trip. We began by watching some traditional Greek dancing which was certainly interesting, culture and so on. But half way through the show they invited people up to teach them dances. Usually I am not the most confident dancer but you find when you are abroad you tend to care a little less and give more things a go, after all no one knows you! Anyway, it was one of the best things I have done in a long time. So much fun and laughter, plus it was a great way to experience the Greek culture first hand.

Love J

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