Day #161: Budva

When you travel a lot, many of the destinations begin to blur together. But every now and then there are places which make such a lasting impression. Budva, Montenegro was one of them.

As mentioned in previous posts, organised trips such as Topdeck cram a lot of places into a small amount of time. Due to this we stopped in Budva for merely hours en route to Croatia.

The Montenegrin coast is so beautiful – dominating cliffs, small coves and gorgeous beaches. One of the benefits of travelling by bus is that you get to see so much of the countryside compared to flying.

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When I first lay eyes on Budva, I knew it was special. Once arriving in the town and having a chance to explore, I realised I was right. So many boats, seaside restaurants, gorgeous architecture, and good shops. The town gave off a really chill vibe.

We briefly had a look around the old town which was stunning in it’s own right. I am so fascinated by all the old towns in European seaside destinations. I think they are so interesting. The old architecture, the way the ally ways intertwine. What I love the most is that there is no attempt to blend them into the current town. They are left to contrast it’s modern surroundings. By doing this it takes no beauty away from the old towns.

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After our exploration of the old town we came across a small beach at the end of the marina. Wasn’t the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen – lots of rocks – but it was a beach none the less. We cooled off, took a few Instagrams, and then head off for lunch.

There are so many small restaurants which line the marina. We ate at a traditional one which served predominately seafood. I was lucky enough to enjoy my octopus salad (sounds gross, but you need to try one), whilst admiring the boats in the marina, the old town and the ocean. It was such a pleasant afternoon.

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Whilst my encounter with Budva was short and sweet, I am sure I will be back one day. There is so much more I want to explore there. Plain and simple – It left me wanting more.

Love J

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