Day #163 & #164: Dubrovnik

I wish I had more time in Dubrovnik.

Although plenty was crammed into my time there, I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I could have. When experiencing new places I like to really take it all in and not have time constraints to rush from A to B.

We were supposed to arrive into Dubrovnik around 16:00, that turned into 19:00. Instead of being overly frustrated I think I was just pleased to finally be there.


After quickly unpacking at our hotel, we head out for dinner. The restaurant was sufficient, but definitely nothing special. The food was also mediocre. Fortunately all the wine was included, win.

It was still light after we finished dinner, which I was pleased about since we were heading into the Old Town to do a walking tour.

Just an observation – the people in Croatia are not as friendly as the other countries we have been to.

By the time we reached the Old Town it was pitch black. The tour was interesting but after a day of travelling, it is kind of the last thing you feel like doing. Luckily we all picked up a few mojitos for the road.

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As the walking tour drew to a close, the real night began. We headed off to a bar down some random street in the Old Town.

Now I just want to point out that this is my favourite thing about Dubrovnik – that they have an old town. I just think it’s so cool how amongst all this baroque architecture, and cobblestone lanes, you find shops, restaurants, clubs, bars, and so on. It is just such a unique experience.

I am not going to go into details of our night out, but lets just say it was a big one. I ended up back at our hotel around 4:00 – this doesn’t sound late, but when you have a flight the next morning, it is overwhelmingly late.

Since travelling lots, I know that it is important to make the most of your opportunities otherwise you will regret it. Due to this, I decided to set my alarm for 6:00, so I could see the Old Town’s beauty in daylight. It all sounds idiotic, probably because it is.

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I woke up after 2 hours sleep, had a shower, packed my bags and caught a bus into the Old Town.

I walked around the Old Town, retracing some of the steps from last night. Just as beautiful in the day, as it was at night.

On the bus back to the hotel it hit me just how tired and hungover I was. I got back to the hotel and tried to eat breakfast before catching my taxi to the airport, but that did not happen.

I never understood how people could hate planes, as they were the quickest mode of transport, but today I was one of those people.

For some reason my travel agent booked my flight from Dubrovnik to Zagreb, then from Zagreb to London. Blows my mind as there is a direct flight from Dubrovnik to London, but that is a whole other story.

I left the hotel around 9:30 to ensure I was at the airport with enough time. There was a slight hiccup finding a taxi, but I made it on time.

The flight to Zagreb was on such a small plane, similar to the QANTAS Link planes in Australia. It’s the type of plane where you have your headphones on full volume and can still here the propellers going, not to mention the turbulence.

Arrived into Zagreb to find out my connecting flight to London had been delayed, adding another 2 hours to my travel time. If there were half decent duty free shops, or even free wifi, I would have been fine, but unfortunately that was not the case.

I had never been so happy to be in London, except maybe the first time I was there. But I just felt like I was home. Although it took me 2 and a half hours to get home after going through customs, due to train delays, I was content. I was so surprised, but elated, that I felt as if London was my ‘home’.


Despite my tiresome day, only arriving home at 23:00, I was so happy.
I was so happy because I had an amazing trip. So happy I made new friends, tried new things. But the thing which made me happiest of all was arriving home.

My Dad has always told me, “the best thing about going on holidays is coming home.” And now it’s all starting to make sense.

Love J

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