Day #166 : Wimbledon

Now I know Wimbledon season is well and truly over, but that is not stopping me from bragging about going.

I was lucky enough to be given tickets to the final day of Wimbledon. This was such a great surprise as I’ve grown up loving to play and watch tennis.

My cousin, who I invited to attend with me, didn’t have the same upbringing. Not a huge sports fan, not really into tennis.

Upon entering the grounds, we made a bee line for the Wimbledon shop to stock up on a bit of merchendise. I will not lie, the entire store is a rip off. Everything is so over priced, but hey it’s Wimbledon. As I am a fan of caps, and I am poor, I bought a cute navy Wimbledon cap (£22).

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Although the whole day was filled with finals from various competitions, they all just seemed like the pre match entertainment for the Men’s Final.

As I love my dear country, Australia, we went and watched the Boy’s Final. Not a lot of atmosphere, or people watching, but it was cool to be in such a big stadium.

Unfortunately our tickets did not give us access to the court that the Men’s Final, with Andy Murray, was on. But watching on a screen outside the court was, what I tell myself to be, just as great.

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Being at Wimbledon, drinking a Pimms, watching the Men’s Final, with Andy Murray playing is something pretty amazing. The atmosphere was so incredible, you would never believe you were watching tennis.

Now as I mentioned earlier, my cousin was not a sports person. By the end of the day she was getting so into the tennis. She didn’t even want to get Pimms, my shout, because she didn’t want to miss a thing.

I had such an enjoyable time and would recommend to anyone. Although the whole outing is extravagant and expensive, it has to be done.

Love J

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