The Film Series – Part 1

I love photography.
I love having the ability to capture a moment I can treasure forever.

Technology nowadays makes the process of capturing a moment in time so simple that the technique and artistic licence that comes with taking a photograph is almost abused and forgotten. People no longer take the time to really think about what they are trying to capture. They just take 532 789 photos and hope one turns out half decent for Instagram.

This is why I love the analog SLR cameras. As the cameras are film based, it is important to take time in ensuring you are capturing the shot you desire as you don’t have the ability to review and delete trials – not to mention the limited space as well. There are so many aspects which I love about these types of cameras. I love that they are an SLR, providing the option to manipulate the shot to exactly how you desire. I love that you can’t review the photos, so that it is a surprise when you have the film developed. I love the rich quality of genuine film prints. Everything is authentic.


I’ve recently had a bit of film developed from my travels – my greatest souvenir. The scans really do not do the film justice!

Love J

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