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Mistakes Made Travelling

No matter how experienced, or how organised a traveller you are, it is inevitable to make mistakes or overlook things whilst travelling abroad.

So much about travelling is about having an open and clear mindset. This is important when it comes to venturing to new places, trying new foods, meeting new people. But it is also extremely important when it comes to accepting that you are at fault and having the audacity to recognise that, then resolving the issue in order to move on.

It can be so easy to get caught up in small dramas along your travels. However, it is important not to dwell on these things as what is actually a minor speed bump can turn into something much bigger, and taint your trip, purely based on your mindset and how you handle things. This is all so much easier said than done.

Here is a sample of the dramas which have occurred in my travel in the past 12 months.

Before leaving for my recent Topdeck trip through Italy, Greece and Croatia, I lost my usual padlock for my backpack. It locks based on numbers rather than with a key – this is great for people like me who are rubbish at keeping things safe. Anyway, long story short, I used a key padlock and upon departing Rome, and arriving at our next destination I discovered that I had lost the key. I. Had. One. Job. Whilst this was quite stressful, and mildly humiliating. In my quest to unlock my backpack, I came across a paperclip. I was surprisingly innovative, and extremely ambitious, in my chances of picking the lock, and by some act of God it worked. I felt like such a badass.


My next travel drama happened well before I even began my trip to Europe, but a drama none the less. In July 2015, my family and I were heading to Bali for our bi-annual family holiday. We were all excited, raring to go. We knew that there had been some flights cancelled due to ash caused by volcanic activity there. We were pretty naive in believing that our flight would be fine, but in saying that you assume once you board a plane you will arrive at your destination. We were so wrong. We flew all the way from Adelaide, past Darwin, just about to leave Australia, when the pilot announced we would be returning as it was unsafe to land. At the time it was extremely frustrating, especially being in the air for 9 hours only to return home, but in hindsight the pilot was merely doing his job and keeping his passengers safe.


I mentioned the previous Bali drama because it was the beginning of a serious of events which made it extremely difficult to obtain my Youth Mobility Visa for the UK. This is a basic summary of what happened. The family trip to Bali was postponed to December. We were all excited. I then went on and did some calculations in my head which basically lead to the conclusion that I wouldn’t be able to obtain a visa in the time frame I had. Basically there was no guarantee (even with priority application), that I would receive my passport back before we left to Bali (obviously a necessity). I had a small window of opportunity to send it off after I got back, but due to the holidays taken over Christmas and New Years by the government officials, I again didn’t have a large enough window to guarantee that I’d receive my visa and passport in time for my early January departure. Eventually I swallowed my pride, changed my flights and got in contact with the family I was heading over to au pair for and explained the whole situation, I was worried that it was going to reflect poorly on me, but they were very understanding.

The list of dramas and mistakes I have made could go on forever, and sorry for rambling. One thing writing this post has importantly highlighted for me is that all those things seem so insignificant now.

No matter what your drama may be, big or small, it is perfectly normal to worry or stress but do keep in mind, the quicker you attempt to resolve or move on the sooner you will be happier – before long you’ll forget it ever happened.

Love J

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