Things I Miss About Home

Do you ever pleasantly stumble across objects that you’ve lost or forgotten about? Brings an instant smile to your face.

I often forget I have so many things left in my drafts. And some days, I just love to sit and read through them. I love looking back on what something once meant to me, and how much I have grown and changed in the meantime.

And some simply just make me laugh.

It’s not that I don’t love my life over here, but… there are just some things about Australia which hold a special place in my heart.

Decent coffee (I am yet to have found anywhere amazing in Surrey or London, so PLEASE let me know if you know any places!)
The sound of rain on the tin roof
AFL, like wtf is rugby???
Wide, open roads
$1 Frozen Cokes
The beach
The river
My pool
Open spaces
Large homes
Fresh, LOCAL fruit
Blue skies, BLUE
Sense of humour

I could honestly list a million things I miss about Australia, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t great things that I will miss about the UK when I head home.

What do you miss about your home country?

Love J


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